The Honda Odyssey is among the staple minivans in the US and for good reasons. It's one of the few, sure, but it's relatively affordable while having all the essential features for safe people-hauling. But being a supercar killer on a drag strip isn't one of those reasons.

Apparently, this Odyssey can completely destroy quick cars in drag races, and this TikTok video from user boostedboikyle shows some snippets of those moments, which involved a Chevy Corvette C8, a tuned 900-horsepower Nissan Skyline, a supercharged Dodge Viper, and a Nissan GT-R. Watch the embedded video below.


This Odyssey is actually called the Rowdyssey. Tuned and owned by the boys of BoostedBoiz on Youtube, the same guys who created the crazy Honda Civic 'War Wagon' that we saw before.

Going back, this Japanese minivan had over 700 hp at the wheels two years before. Currently, it has already reached 1,000 wheel hp with its Honda Prelude-sourced H22 engine and huge turbochargers, which further made this sleeper a supercar killer as seen on video. We're not entirely sure about the details of the build but seeing it in action on various drag races and snippets above, it sure looks a lot of fun.

Here it is trying its luck against a McLaren 720S:

The idea of an Odyssey sleeper isn't exactly new, mind you. Back in 2013, a 1,092-hp Odyssey tuned by Bisimoto was introduced at SEMA, and it's equipped exactly as how you imagined it to be – a V6 engine with two turbochargers, 20-inch wheels, and a six-speed manual. It came up for auction in 2016.

Then again, we can't deny that a supercar-killing Odyssey is still a surprising proposition, especially when seeing it in action.

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