Discontinued in 2007, the Toyota MR2 is still regarded as one of the brand’s greatest sports cars. Ever since then, the automaker has been going back and forth about engineering a successor to the MR2 with one executive even saying he’d like to see Toyota partnering with Porsche on a potential new lightweight sports car.

Unfortunately, it seems that - at least in the short- to mid-term plans - Toyota has no intentions to bring back the fabled nameplate. A revival is “not a priority” for the company, which now has three sports cars in its global lineup - the Supra, the new GR 86, and the GR Yaris. Simply put, don’t hold your breath for a new MR2 because Toyota isn’t making one.

And now… forget about everything we said above. Let’s move to an alternative reality, in which Toyota wants to build a new MR2 and needs help with its design. This is where designer Rain Prisk comes to the rescue with a modern interpretation of the sports car. You can see his rendering at the top of this article and, honestly, we can only admire his work.

One thing worth pointing out, though, is the fact that this car looks a bit too futuristic for what it is. The original MR2 had a more restrained design approach, which responded very well with its somewhat humble nature, despite the mid-engine layout. In this rendering, the sports car looks as if it is significantly more expensive than its predecessor. 

But if you allow us to take a look at a different angle, the new MR2 could actually be all-electric and in that case, this design is a very good match for the tech underneath the skin. Knowing how a Toyota exec wants Porsche to be involved in the project, we can imagine a high-performance single-motor RWD electric system developed in Stuttgart powering the car and turning it into a silent rocket.

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