Volkswagen, Opel, Kia, Peugeot, Maserati, Nissan – these are just some of the brands that have gone through a logo refresh in recent times. Renault will be doing the same in 2022 when the first production car will adopt the updated corporate badge featuring a flat design with two interlaced diamonds. We noticed the new avatar in mid-January when the 5 prototype was unveiled, but the French automaker didn't say anything about it. Well, until now.

It's unclear which road-going model will be the first to bear the revised badge, although logic tells us it will be a production version of the Megane eVision concept. Spy shots have revealed the electric crossover has evolved to the prototype stage and the test vehicles had all the logos hiding behind camouflage. The production car will be unveiled later this year, but deliveries are likely to kick off in 2022.

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Renault design director, Gilles Vidal, says all of the company's cars will switch to the new logo by 2024. Since 1900, the badge has gone through several changes, with the latest version introduced in 2015 being an updated design of the emblem launched in 1992. The new corporate look has been in the works since 2019 and Renault decided it would make sense to show it first on the electric supermini since that prototype signals the Renaulution plan about embracing electrification.

The redesigned logo will be Renault's ninth identity refresh since its inception. It's described as being "uncluttered, with no signature or typography." Gilles Vidal goes on to say it is now "more iconic, simple and meaningful, a true timeless signature, without superfluous effects or colors, with a contemporary takeover of the lines, an essential part of our graphic heritage."

New Dacia Sandero (2020)
Current Dacia logo as seen on 2021 Sandero
Dacia Bigster concept
New Dacia logo as seen on the Bigster concept

It's worth mentioning Renault's low-cost brand Dacia will be changing its emblem starting from 2022, as previewed on the Bigster compact SUV introduced at the beginning of the year. It's going to be significantly different than what the Romanian marque is using today, a logo many have described as resembling a bottle opener. It will consist of stylized "D" and "C" letters facing opposite directions for a new badge that might make you think of the DeLorean DMC-12.

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