Last year, Renault previewed a future EV with the Megane eVision concept. The automaker announced the production version would debut in 2021, and it looks like the company will keep its promise. Our spy photographers have caught the all-electric hatch for the first time testing in northern Sweden. Its swirly camouflage hides its design, though it looks quite similar to the concept, something we expect will hold true for the production version.

Renault’s new electric Megane five-door will ride on the CMF-EV platform jointly developed with Nissan as a part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance that’s undergoing a realignment. It’s the same platform that underpins the 2022 Nissan Ariya. The design, however, should be unique, with Renault boss Luca De Meo saying last year that the concept’s appearance is about 95 percent similar to that of the production car’s.

Gallery: Renault Megane Electric Spy Photos

The test vehicle and concept share similar proportions, though some of the concept’s wilder styling features have been tamed. The front looks a bit less like the concept, though the test vehicle does appear to retain part of its evocative front lighting signature and sculpted hood. The lower opening in the bumper looks different, too. Camouflage at the rear conceals everything, including most of the taillights. The hatch does feature a spoiler.

Renault hasn’t divulged the car’s powertrain details, though the concept packed a 217-horsepower (161-kilowatt) front motor that can send the hatch to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in less than eight seconds. The concept’s 60-kilowatt-hour battery allows it to travel up to 280 miles (450 km) on a single charge, though that’s estimated on the forgiving European WLTP testing cycle. The water-cooled battery also allows for 130-kW charging, giving the hatch an extra 161 miles (260 km) of range in 30 minutes.

Renault will put the electric Megane into production later this year, with the hatch arriving in showrooms in early 2022. A reveal should happen well before production begins. Stay tuned.

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