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We’ve already shared spy photos with both the regular Chevrolet Bolt and the high-riding Bolt EUV. We don’t know GM’s exact plans for the market launch of the two battery-powered cars but the automaker has just teased the latter.

This early look at the 2022 Bolt EUV comes in the form of a single image taken from a short video shared on TikTok by "automotive content creator" Pushing Pistons. The teaser confirms the electric crossover will get sequential turn signals at the front and LED daytime running lights integrated into a single cluster.

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More importantly, Chevrolet announces the Bolt EUV will become the brand’s first production electric vehicle to feature the Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system. Chevy says the model will go into production in the summer of next year, which probably means we’ll see it in full a few weeks or months prior.

It is known for a fact the Bolt EUV will be based on the Buick Velite 7 for the Chinese market. This electric vehicle is capable of running up to about 311 miles (500 kilometers) at a single charge per the NEDC cycle. Chevrolet is expected to use more advanced batteries for the Bolt EUV, which means the US-spec model should be even more capable. Just don’t get your hopes up too high for the Ultium battery technology - it won’t be used by the Bolt family.

Chevrolet has previously said the Bolt hatchback will be the first to arrive and the initial plans were for a debut before the end of 2020. Things have probably changed for obvious reasons and we expect the automaker to launch the two new Bolt models at the same time.

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