Since its acquisition by PSA, Opel has been actively trying to change its image. Having access to new technologies and platforms previously not available under the ownership of General Motors, the German brand is poised to embrace electrification and attract new and younger clients. Now, Opel is taking the next step by presenting its updated brand identity.

The new “more finely drawn” logo of the marque is very similar to the previous version but more closely signals “the brand's innovative strength.” It features slimmer lines and is accompanied by a new bright yellow company color and new Opel Next text font. The three create an “even more modern and courageous” appearance of the brand. 

Gallery: Opel brand identity

“We are confident, young-minded and inclusive. In this new era Opel is taking inspiration from progressive, ‘cold to cool’ Modern German culture and re-emerges bold, pure and contemporary. This is the expression of our new brand identity and absolutely represents our exciting new product line-up,” Xavier Duchemin, director of sales and marketing at Opel, explains.

More importantly, however, Opel has already presented its new design language. The GT X Experimental brought the new minimalist approach followed by the new Mokka and the facelifted Crossland. The next-generation Astra with a rumored hybrid OPC version will be the next to follow with a completely overhauled look and new PSA-sourced technologies.

The combination of the new Blitz logo, new color, and new design language create the new “unmistakable identity” of the brand for the new electrified era in the automotive industry. The new appearance will be used in all areas of the business - from actual products to marketing and sales activities.

Gallery: 2021 Opel Mokka

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