The GMC Hummer EV that the brand revealed earlier this year and the sketch above share little in the looks department. However, you can spot similarities between them. The squared-off, boxy Hummer shape is iconic, but the sketch features a few more angular lines in the design, giving the rugged truck a futuristic twist that looks a tad sportier than you’d expect from a Hummer.

The most noticeable difference is where the truck bed begins. Here, the design features a side scoop-like opening that you’re more likely to find on an Italian supercar. It helps break up the otherwise slab-sided appearance of pickups. The opening mimics a smaller one that flows off the front fender, though the most angles are at the front with thin-slit headlights sitting above and behind an upright front end. The sketch does feature an off-road-ready stance like the real truck, the front and rear bumpers designed to provide the wheel-well room to navigate treacherous terrain.

Bits of these styling elements can be seen on the real truck, which features flared fenders minus the openings. The angular truck bed is also somewhat visible, though it’s much more subdued on the production version. The bumpers are also similar, including the hooks, though they’re much less stylized on the production version. The GMC Hummer EV is all-electric, offering either two or three electric motors and a ton of promises about its capability.

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV won’t go on sale until late next year, and even then it' will only be the loaded Edition 1 model will be available through 2022. It costs $112,595. The next three years will see GMC roll out the rest of the Hummer lineup, with the last being the dual-Motor1 base model that’ll cost $79,995. The tri-motor Edition 1 model will offer 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts), and a ton of EV features like CrabWalk, an Extreme Off-Road Package, and much more.

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