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Hyundai’s performance aspirations are admirable. A brand that had basically no history in making sports cars is now offering a growing range of fast hatches and crossovers. Not only that, but there’s also a trendy appearance package line for most of the company’s models. Apparently, there’s even more stuff coming from Hyundai’s N division.

The South Korean brand is making steps towards attracting an even broader audience with its new collection of clothes and accessories. It’s only available in South Korea at this point but there are a few pretty cool items to choose from. Who knows, maybe they’ll come to the United States as well.

Gallery: Hyundai N accessories

The cheapest product you can buy is a sticker which costs 5,000 South Korean won or $4.42 at the current exchange rates. There are also several different phone straps, at a price of 6,000 wons ($5.3) each. These are all cool but wait until you see the shirts and bags.

All shirts are valued at 33,000 won ($29) and there are a number of different designs, including black and white main colors. Of course, the Hyundai N logo takes the central part and it’s often mixed with other performance-inspired graphics.

Last but not least, there’s the ultimate Hyundai N accessories package which consists of almost all products in the range. It’s priced at 79,000 won or almost $70 at the current rates and includes a shirt, a bag, a phone strap, two pairs of socks, and a few other smaller items.

Check out all the offerings at the source link below and let us know in the comments section if you find these accessories cool or… stupid?

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