GM Design's Instagram page offers a fascinating view of what the company is thinking regarding the future look of the automotive giant's automobiles. The chances of any of these shapes making it to the road are incredibly slim, but you can at least see the direction that the stylists are considering. These new sketches by exterior designer Rebecka Buller imagine an alternative appearance for a Cadillac SUV.

The front end features an appearance that's evocative of the Lyriq electric crossover and Celestiq sedan. Headlights bracket the nose and flow over the fenders. A boxy, trapezoidal element is in the center, and there's a chiseled hood.

Gallery: Cadillac SUV Sketches

In profile, it appears that Buller wants to be able build an SUV without a pillar between the front and back doors. To retain structural rigidity, the B-pillar is much farther back than usual by starting at the rear fender and running diagonally to the roof. This setup would bring lots of light into the cabin and create an airy interior with the windows down.

At the back, there are edgy taillights that rise upward to the roof and have smaller points going downward and to the side. Buller draws a few of these sketches with barn-door rear openings. It's a styling touch that's familiar from the earlier models of the Escalade and arguably offers more utility by letting an owner access half of the area if that's all that's necessary.

The major engineering challenge would be making sure the lack of a pillar between the doors could still be safe in a collision, particularly from the side. After getting past this obstacle, there doesn't seem to be much in terms of layout holding back an SUV like this from production. 

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