Hollywood helped make the automobile an star, and a some visionary directors have provided us with some true icons. One that we enjoy is Tim Burton’s Art Deco Batmobile that first appeared in his 1989 Batman movie. Its audaciously long hood, gaping turbine, and fender wings were over-the-top, yet they fit Burton’s grimy aesthetic. These are rare beasts, but also one you could make your own if you have $25,000 to spare, though that’ll only get you started on your Batmobile project.

The bare Batmobile body is up for sale on Facebook Marketplace, but it’s incomplete. This isn’t a running example. It’ll require a chassis, mechanicals, paint, and the interior, which is quite a laundry list of costly needs. The ad claims the body is 100-percent hand-laid fiberglass, and it appears to be in stellar condition. The high price tag should keep away tire-kickers as the seller is looking for serious buyers only. The seller will consider trades, though we’d bet it’d have to be something pretty neat to make the owner part with a Batmobile body. 

Gallery: 1989 Batmobile Body For Sale

The 1989 Batmobile is an icon. Last year, Lego announced a Batmobile kit where the toy measured nearly two feet long, designed for builders 16 years and older who are capable of handling all 3,306 pieces. It also included neat features like a sliding cockpit, fender-mounted machine guns, and grappling hooks, helping to cement the wild design in pop culture.

Without a chassis or the mechanicals, the Batmobile body is the perfect launchpad for someone’s ambitious Batman project. There’s a new Batman movie in development, with actor Robert Pattinson playing the Cape Crusader. That means we’ll get a new Batmobile, too; however, from what we’ve seen so far, it takes a different approach than the wild 1989 Batmobile. That’s okay as someone will have a lot of fun making this one their own.

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