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 A new Rolls-Royce Wraith shooting brake seems to be on the way based on a recent spy video of the two-door wagon on the road. In a nice coincidence, the Instagram account wilcoblok posted shots of another Wraith-based two-door wagon and gave permission to re-publish the photos.

This Wraith shooting brake conversion appears to have a high quality of craftsmanship. Compared to the actual coupe, this one has an altered roofline to create a flatter top. This change necessitates a different side glass panel that has a more rounded shape than on the production vehicle. The most obvious revision is the addition of a rear hatchback.

How the panel opens is not clear. Having the hinges on the roof would appear to result in a limited range of motion that would create a rather small space for placing cargo in the back. Side-mounted hinges would solve this problem, but it doesn't look like there's enough room for this layout to work without hitting the body.

Rolls-Royce Shooting Brake Spied Uncamouflaged Rear
Rolls-Royce one-off spy video lead image

Comparing this Wraith shooting brake (left) to the one in the spy video (right), it's possible to see some design differences. For example, the newer vehicle has a white line through the taillights, whereas the older one has purely red lamps. While the exhaust outlet shape is the same, their locations are slightly different, too.

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It's not currently clear when the new Wraith shooting brake might arrive. Rolls-Royce is currently teasing the launch of the new Ghost for September 1, so look for this unveiling to come after that. The speculation goes that the two-door wagon is likely a one-off for a wealthy client looking for a more utilitarian coupe. There's probably not enough demand to make the variant a full part of the lineup.

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