The Dodge Demon is no longer in production and for the new model year, Dodge has the more civilized Challenger SRT Super Stock, which takes the Nitto drag radials and widebody kit from the Demon. Regardless of the Challenger - or Dodge in general - you are after, if you live in Europe, it’s basically a forbidden fruit. Unless you are ready to pay more than three times the sticker price of the muscle car.

Case in point, there’s a Dodge Demon currently listed for sale in Norway. It’s from the 2018 model year and comes from the dealer with a five-year warranty. The price is 2,740,000 Norwegian Krones (NOK), which is approximately $287,757 at the current exchange rates. As a quick reminder, when the Demon was still on the assembly lines, it had a price tag of $84,995.

Here comes the very reasonable question - why is that car so expensive in Norway when you can basically buy two Demons for the same price in the United States. The simple answer is the country’s tax system, which has at least seven components - value-added tax, weight-based tax, power-based tax, CO2-based tax, NOx-based tax, registration plates, and scrappage tax.

Gallery: Dodge Demon for sale in Norway

The biggest of these components is the CO2-based tax - obviously, the higher the CO2 emissions, the higher the tax. And in the case of the Demon with its 6.2-liter V8, you can only imagine how massive this burden is in Norway. Add to that the horsepower-based tax and this is how you end up paying close to $300,000 for a car that cost $85,000 when new.

The car itself is said to be in pristine condition with just 3,000 miles on the odometer. It is number 914 of 3,314 produced and it will definitely be an impressive sight on the country’s Norway. If only there's someone ready to pay the money.

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