As a very, very basic explanation, hydro dipping is a process in which you put a layer of printed graphics onto an object, which can be basically anything from a pen to a body panel of a car. We’ve seen hundreds of creative applications for this technology but we’ve never seen anything like this.

The video at the top of this page comes from the YouTube channel of Marko, who happens to be a talkative young man with many crazy ideas. His latest clip was brought to our attention by TheDrive, and it shows the hydro dipping of a complete car. With no disassembling. Yes, it’s possible.

We are not super familiar with the technology behind hydro dipping but we thought it takes more than just water and paints to put colorful graphics onto an item. It turns out we were wrong as Marko and his team basically put an old Honda Civic into a handmade pool full of water and applied spray paint. A separate small tub of water was prepared for the hubcaps.

But before all of that, the old sedan was prepared with a layer of white primer - definitely not the best job we’ve seen but the little details just don’t matter this time. So, was the result good?

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You can watch the video and judge for yourself (remember to jump to the one-minute mark and skip the boring introductory speech). If you ask us, the new appearance of the car is pretty amazing given the DIY circumstances under which it was created. The spray paint layer is consistent and even the paint swirls of the different panels match. After all, that was the whole point of the experiment, right?. 

Ah, there’s one little detail we forgot about. The Civic may be no longer driveable but who cares about that when it looks so good now.

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