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The internet king of vehicle quirks and features recently launched a new automotive auction site. Of course, we’re talking about Doug DeMuro and his new website with the very DeMuro name of Cars & Bids. We’ve been watching since it launched, as the site is devoted to modern classics 1980 and newer and frankly, this is a cool segment that can deliver some epic bang-for-buck fun. Case-in-point is this curious 1997 Toyota RAV4 with a cool TRD-themed makeover.

Admittedly, the first-generation RAV4 isn’t exactly known for being an off-road bruiser. According to the auction description, this particular model draws inspiration from Baja legend Ivan “Ironman” Stewart, who conquered deserts for Toyota for nearly 20 years. The RAV4 is actually red – the white front half and yellow/orange stripes are a wrap that looks to be peeling just a bit, as detailed in some of the 168 photos included in the listing. With a set of off-road lights on the front bumper, there’s no denying it looks pretty cool and ready for at least a little bit of off-road action.

As such, it shouldn't be a total dud when the pavement ends. The auction description mentions a lift kit for a bit more ground clearance, and it was given an alignment to keep the RAV4 running straight down the trail. An aftermarket exhaust system is also listed, along with an upgraded stereo for the otherwise stock-looking interior. Whether the exhaust helps the RAV4 in the power department is unknown, but the odometer does reportedly show no less than 245,968 miles. This battlewagon as certainly seen some action.

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As for issues, the check engine light is on despite a bevy of engine maintenance listed in the auction description. For that matter, the RAV’s limited-slip differential is non-op, and the body does show some dents and scratches. But hey, it’s a first-generation RAV4 with a lift kit and bitchin graphics – it was built to take the road less traveled, right?

The current owner of this Baja-themed RAV4 is a YouTuber, and the build for this quirky (sorry Doug, had to be said) Toyota is documented through a range of videos. The bidding right now stands at just $1,100 with six days still to go, and should you be interested in seeking some inexpensive off-road glory, the auction with a bevy of photos is available at the source link below.

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