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The last time we saw an Audi E-Tron GT test vehicle, it was trolling through Porsche’s neighborhood. This time the sighting comes near Audi’s headquarters in Ingolstadt, and it’s back to wearing a set of its own wheels, too. Not much has changed in the camouflage department, but this new set of photos show the prototype with exceptional clarity.

Even without the Porsche Taycan wheels (which we saw on the last E-Tron prototype to grace the camera), there’s a clear Taycan vibe in the E-Tron’s shape. That shouldn’t be a surprise with both groups being part of the Volkswagen extended family, but the Audi will be distinct from the all-electric Porsche. In fact, it won’t differ than much from the E-Tron GT concept car unveiled back in 2018. The roof is a bit taller, which should translate to more passenger space versus the sleek shape on the concept. It’s still a wide sucker though, as these high-resolution photos clearly show.

What they don’t show is the running gear underneath. Try as we might, Audi still hasn’t slipped up with leaked information. That said, we suspect it will follow a similar dual-motor formula used by the concept car. It boasted an output of 582 horsepower, though the production version might scale things back to be less competitive with the Taycan Turbo. The standard Taycan develops 522 hp from its combined motors, so seeing the E-Tron GT around that level with a starting price under $100,000 sounds logical.

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We’re also in the dark as to when the camo wrap will finally come off for good. Coronavirus has delayed pretty much everything in the automotive realm, but we’re confident Audi will debut the E-Tron GT before the end of the year. If the Los Angeles Auto Show isn’t cancelled, that could be a good venue for the unveiling. Barring that, expected a stand-alone event later this year.

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