Due to its short lifespan from just the 2005 to 2008 model years, the automotive world never got to experience a Hellcat-powered Dodge Magnum – at least not from the factory. The company JayeFab now makes it more possible than ever to build your own, though, because the business offers the parts necessary to put a Charger Hellcat face and widebody fenders onto the old station wagon.

The kit to put a Dodge Charger Hellcat front end onto the Magnum costs $5,800. JayFab says that it bolts to the front without any modifications to the wagon, and the kit comes with all the necessary components to perform the conversion. If you want to take this further, the company also has a $150 plug-and-play headlight wiring adaptor that allows for using Charger headlights on the Magnum.

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The wider fenders are $3,250, and their design extends into the rear door. The company shows in another Instagram post that this doesn't affect the ability to get into the back seats.


After painting and installation, all of these parts create a wagon that looks like the Magnum Hellcat Widebody that you never could get from the showroom. There's the issue of giving it the appropriate engine, though. To do that, you need to get Mopar's Hellcat crate engine that retails for a pricey $21,725 after adding the necessary Front End Accessory Drive kit that includes the alternator, power steering pump, and all the necessary belts.

JayeFab is taking orders for the widebody kit now, and deliveries start in early June, according to a report from The Drive.

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