What does it take to run a quad-turbo LS based V12 engine? Well, besides all of the custom fabrication to build something like this 9.7-liter monster V12 in the first place, a huge amount of data must be processed to keep the engine running. That’s why engine control brand Haltech is showcasing its engine control units on one of the greatest LS based engines on earth for their traveling booth centerpiece. 

Haltech is an Australia based engine controls company that specializes in empowering car enthusiasts with the latest in engine controls for every level of build. Haltech builds ECUs that are specific to either an engine application or car make and models. Their ECUs are especially helpful for engine swaps and see major popularity for LS Swaps. In an effort to show just how good Haltech ECUs are at controlling any level of LS build the V12 LS Stand engine was born. 

The V12 LS engine was supplied by the team over at Race Cast Engineering who owns V12LS.com. This Australia based team specializes in the art of crafting a V12 from the familiar LS V8 architecture using the latest in 3D sand printing technology. Race Cast Engineering offers three levels of their V12 LS that comes in various stages of completion. The top of the line turnkey V12 includes Haltech’s Engine Management units which are the brains of this complex operation. 

To really showcase the engineering of Race Cast Engineering’s V12, and Haltech’s engine control abilities, the existing V12 crate engine was modified to include four turbochargers from Garrett. Like most car enthusiasts their talented teams just couldn't keep things stock and custom mounted four Garrett GT3682R turbochargers. To plumb together this complex setup Vibrant sent over their clamping and connecting systems which were placed in the hands of Haltech’s expert fabricator.

Haltech has yet to dyno their latest creation but is fielding suggestions for power output? I’d wager 1,680 horsepower but what do you think a quad-turbo 9.7-liter V12 puts down on the dyno?

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