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The first production-spec example of the Ruf SCR is finally complete after originally debuting at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The SCR might look like a 964-generation Porsche 911, but it actually features Ruf's carbon fiber monocoque chassis and carbon fiber bodyshell with an integrated roll cage.

The SCR uses a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated flat-six engine that makes 503 horsepower (375 kilowatts) at 8,270 rpm and 347 pound-feet (470 Newton-meters) of torque. The only gearbox option is a six-speed manual. Ruf indicates the SCR weighs 2756 pounds (1,250 kilograms), and the coupe can reach a top speed of 199 miles per hour (320 kilometers per hour).

Gallery: Ruf SCR First Production Model

At first glance, the exterior of the SCR looks a lot like a 964 911. Ruf fits a different front fascia with large inlets in the corners and a mesh grille in the center. At the back, there are broader fenders similar to the ones on that generation's 911 Turbo. The taillights look like the classic units but add a strip of red LEDs that runs the width of the rear. The decklid wears a small ducktail spoiler. An oval-shaped exhaust outlet emerges from each corner of the bumper.

Inside, the SCR has an old-school gauge cluster with simple, analog displays, and there isn't a modern digital infotainment screen. Ruf covers the dashboard, door panels, console, and seat bolsters with deep brown leather. The center of the chairs has plaid fabric. The vehicle's carbon fiber structure is exposed in the footwells.

Gallery: RUF SCR at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

Ruf doesn't offer any pricing information for the SCR, but since this is a carbon fiber sports car from a boutique manufacturer don't expect the vehicle to be affordable.

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The RUF Rodeo Concept, the first off-road car built utilizing a carbon fibre monocoque chassis, was unveiled alongside the first production example of the normally aspirated RUF SCR.

PFAFFENHAUSEN, GERMANY (March 9, 2020) – RUF Automobile GmbH, manufacturer and creator of bespoke sports cars that combine performance and suitability for everyday use, unveiled the RUF Rodeo Concept and the first production RUF SCR at its headquarters in Pfaffenhausen, Germany.

The Rodeo Concept was inspired by the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance and its founder – and friend of RUF – Bruce Meyer, as well as by Ralph Lauren and his 2011 Western Collection and RUF enthusiast and collector Phillip Sarofim who has roots in Texas. The car features the same carbon fibre monocoque chassis as the CTR Anniversary and the SCR, but with a four-wheel drive system to tackle off-road use, larger all-terrain tires, longer-travel suspension and more. The Rodeo Concept can accommodate either a normally aspirated or turbo-charged RUF flat-six engine.

“When we began building our own automobiles it was all for the thrill of the drive,” said Estonia Ruf, marketing director of RUF Automobile GmbH. “The Rodeo Concept combines that passion for cars with the love of western culture – an appreciation I found while studying in Oklahoma, USA. This car is inspired by some of our favorite people and our love for the countryside.”

Shown alongside the Rodeo Concept was the first production RUF SCR. The SCR features a 4.0L normally aspirated flat-six engine producing 510 HP, 470 Nm of torque and weighs in at 1,250 kg. The engine is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox which gives the car the optimal mechanical feel. The car’s spoiler generates high downforce and keeps the RUF SCR stable at its top speed of 320kmh (199 mph).

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About RUF Automobile GmbH:

In 1939, Alois Ruf Sr. first formed his company, AUTO RUF, as a general service garage. The company grew and in 1949 he added a gas station to the company complex. By 1955, Ruf Sr. recognized a need in Germany for a full-size tourist bus and challenged himself to build his own to run this as a separate business. In 1963, the company began specializing in Porsche vehicles, a direction that Alois Ruf Jr.  vowed to continue when he assumed directorship of the company in 1974.  In the following year, the first RUF-enhanced Porsche model made its debut. Now it is still family run by Alois and Estonia Ruf.



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