And there's a matching steering wheel.

In November this year, General Motors’ design director Michael Simcoe appeared on Brembo’s online podcast to talk about vehicle design and said 24- and 26-inch wheels are probably coming to the industry very soon. We didn’t think it would take just a few weeks until that happens but Forgiato has just presented a mind-blowing 26-inch alloy set.

Of course, the Los Angeles-based company is not an automaker and tuners often put oversized wheels on different cars but the fact that this is not the first 26-inch wheel set from Forgiato probably signals what is to come from OEMs in the very near future. Regardless, the Forgiato Wire Wheel features a retro design with 127 spokes, massive floating caps, and 5x127 bolt pattern.

Gallery: Forgiato 26-inch wheels

The custom wheel manufacturer says it already accepts fully-refundable deposits of $500 for the new set, of which just 100 examples will be manufactured. The price of the complete set is $11,000 and there’s also a matching multi-spoke steering wheel with a price of $2,000. If you go for the full package, 26-inch wheels plus a matching steering wheel, Forgiato will charge you $12,000, representing a $1,000 discount over the price of the components if you buy them separately.

Deliveries will commence in February this year. Forgiato proudly says that “all of the wheels are built and finished in house using all American parts.” 

The move toward bigger wheels already feels natural. Concept cars are notorious for having large, often unrealistic, wheels and wild designs that look downright gorgeous on the right vehicle. And while this 26-inch wire wheel set is not exactly our cup of tea in terms of design, it’s here to prove larger wheels are indeed coming to the industry soon.