Over the last few years, Kia has worked aggressively to keep its lineup fresh amid growing competition while also fleshing out its portfolio for a diverse car-buying public. However, not all of Kia’s new products receive their passport. The new Kia Seltos, the brand’s new compact crossover, which slots between the Kia Soul and Sportage. In an interview with The Korea Car Blog, Kia Motors Europe COO Emilio Herrera said the automaker would not sell the new Seltos in Europe.

Herrera goes on to explain how Kia did not develop the Seltos for the European market because of the brand’s success there with the automaker’s larger crossover offerings such as the Sportage and Sorento. There was just no reason to develop the model for the European continent, which, according to Herrera, is seeing success in the U.S.

The Seltos isn’t the only new model Europeans won’t be able to purchase. Last week, Herrera told the same publication Kia does not have a plan to introduce the all-new Kia K5 / Optima sedan in Europe anytime soon. Herrera did not elaborate in the interview as to why Kia is keeping the sedan out of the country, though all one needs is to glance at the sales numbers to understand the decision. Sedans aren’t in vogue.

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In the U.S., the Seltos will compete in a burgeoning segment as automakers rush to capitalize on affordable, high-riding vehicles consumers love. The Nissan Rogue Sport, Jeep Compass, Ford EcoSport, and others are just some of the foes the new Kia crossover will have to fight for sales supremacy. It’s also a segment where Kia could outshine the competition with its upscale styling, refined interior, and tons of technologies and features.

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