From the sledgehammer and steel ball tests to the Porsche 911 drag race and Ford F-150 tug of war, there was nothing conventional about Tesla’s reveal event for the much-hyped Cybertruck. Elon Musk’s “Oh my f****** god” moment will be remembered for a long time, and now we have an official explanation from the man himself about what went wrong during the test to show the sturdiness of the so-called “Armor Glass.”


Tesla’s head honcho took to Twitter to detail why the side window cracked following an impact with a steel ball thrown by the company’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhuasen. After what must’ve been some in-house analysis, they arrived at the conclusion the order chosen to do the sledgehammer and steel ball tests was incorrect as it should’ve been the other way around. Smashing the door with the sledgehammer apparently cracked the base of the window, thus making the “armor glass” more fragile.

Ok, but what about the rear window? As you probably remember, the test with the steel ball was repeated with the rear glass and had a similar result, even though the man who used the sledgehammer only smashed the front door panel. While the tweet doesn’t explain this, some are saying the Cybertruck did not have the “armor glass” in the back as per a yet-unconfirmed statement made by a Tesla employee at the event.

Interestingly, the rear glass test was originally not on the agenda, but Musk – reportedly not knowing the rear window had regular glass – wanted to repeat the steel ball test following the bad outcome of the first one. Once again, it didn’t go as planned as the Cybertruck ended up with two damaged side windows for the whole world to see and question the durability of the “armor glass” in case of an impact.

In a previous tweet already going viral, Musk showed a clip recorded right before the reveal event when the same Franz von Holzhuasen threw a steel ball at the front window, this time around without breaking it.

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