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German tuning company Arden has a flair for punching up the visuals on luxury cars, and its latest effort focuses on the Bentley Continental GT. We only have a pair of renderings to go on right now, but as you can see, the crux of this upfit is a widebody kit for the already sizable grand tourer. It’s called the Arden Bentley AB III.

Naturally, the bodywork is all carbon fiber. Arden bolts up fender flares front and rear, adding 50 millimeters (two inches) per side to the Bentley’s stance. New side skirts connect the enhanced wheel arches, and a custom front spoiler fits over the existing Continental fascia to bring some symmetry to the widebody design in front. The company adds a pair of carbon fiber air scoops to the long hood that are said to help regulate heat in the engine bay. At the rear, Arden bolts up a rear diffuser and a bare carbon fiber spoiler to complete the look.

Arden Bentley AB III

With extra space in the fenders to fill, Arden offers a range of lightweight wheel options to complement the aggressive look. The company recommends a set of 22-inch spoked magnesium wheels with staggered 275/35-series rubber up front, and wider 315/30-series tires at the rear. If the renderings are indicative of the final product, make sure you don’t hit any bumps. Ever.

Arden doesn’t touch the Continental GT’s W12 engine, which already produces 626 horsepower (467 kilowatts) from its 6.0-liters of displacement. Still, the car is a 5,000-pound heavyweight so to help at least a little bit, the company offers an upgraded exhaust that is said to increase performance “about 10 percent” while also reducing fuel consumption. We suspect anyone buying a Continental GT – never mind an upfitted one such as this – isn’t concerned about MPGs.

There’s no mention of a cost for the upfit or when it will be available.

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Arden Bentley AB III - the progressive design makes the Bentley GT/GTC into real super sports car. 


Arden Automobilbau GmbH has consequently adhered to the concept of lightweight construction with its latest refinement programme. Through the use of ultralight but high-strength materials as well as wind tunnel proven aerodynamics, the specialists from Krefeld have succeeded in personalising the Bentley Continental GT/GTC stylishly and in optimising its weight and fuel consumption. Starting with body components made entirely of carbon fibre fabric, light-alloy wheels made of magnesium filling the wheel arches, through to the titanium sports exhaust system, Jochen Arden and his team have dedicated themselves to all areas of the luxury all-wheel drive.


Precise, carbon fibre aerodynamic components add a clear, more masculine look to the third generation Bentley Continental production model. The use of the material carbon fibre allows a significant weight saving compared to conventional sheet metal or PU RIM components. The wide body kit comprises not only the front and rear fender flares (50 millimetres wider on each side), but also a front spoiler to be installed on the standard apron. The front view is visually completed with thermally regulating visible carbon fibre air scoops for the bonnet. Side skirts attenuate the air flow and accessorise the edges. At the rear, the diffusor insert and a rear spoiler also made of visible carbon fibre draw attention to the dynamic appearance of the wide-bodied Bentley.


Arden offers various wheel designs and sizes: The ultra-light 22-inch XXL-format Zelem Two Magnesium wheel is a styling and technical highlight. The dynamic design of the delicate spokes doesn’t just give a striking, sporty look, but also guarantees a balanced load distribution, resulting in increased load-bearing capacity. The recommended wheel/tyre combinations have the dimension 10x22" with tyres in size 275/35 R22 on the front axle and the dimension 11.5x22" with 315/30 R22 wide base tyres on the rear axle.


But Arden doesn’t just want to create a dynamic look for the 2.24 tonne two-door model. Improvements to the standard control device in combination with an acoustically impressive high-performance titan exhaust system are already undergoing testing. The in-house engine department expects a superior performance increase of about 10 percent compared to the standard values ​​with a simultaneous reduction in fuel consumption.


The Arden Bentley AB III owners can even choose a custom interior to suit their style. Brushed aluminium, carbon, burled or high-gloss piano surfaces enhance the Bentley cockpit in any desired colour and perfectly complement the leather on the dashboard and seats. Precisely hand-crafted embroidery in the floor mats and the headrests provide additional touches. All in all, this results in a perfect symbiosis between sporty style and luxurious flair.




Key facts ARDEN AB III:

(Basis Bentley Continental GT / GTC)


Scope of the ARDEN modifications:

- ARDEN diffuser

- ARDEN visible carbon fibre air scoops

- ARDEN front spoiler

- ARDEN visible carbon fibre rear spoiler

- ARDEN side skirts

- ARDEN front fender flares 50 mm on each side

- ARDEN front fender flares 50 mm on each side

- ARDEN Titan sports silencer with 90mm end pipes

- ARDEN Zelem-Two Magnesium wheels

                        front 10x22" with 275/35 R22 tyres

                        rear 11.5x22" with 315/30 R22 tyres

- ARDEN performance enhancement of around 10% using engine characteristic optimisation



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