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Anyone who has ever spent time in a camper or RV understands the limitations of space. Compromises are made for on-the-go, off-the-grind living, and we’ve seen some ingenious space-saving solutions. But some go to the extreme. Just take this Land Rover Defender. It’s a micro camper van built by a husband and wife that has more than one ingenious feature along with everything one would need on the go. 

From the outside, the Land Rover looks too small for anyone to live in comfortably, but the cab possesses some magic. The camper expands upward and outward, tall enough for an adult male, and wide enough for all your standard camping essentials that are cleverly hidden throughout the interior. Power comes from a grid of solar panels on the roof, while water comes from a 100-liter tank. Diesel helps provide heat for the water heater. 

When you get inside, it looks like your typical camper. There’s a sink, dinette set, stove, and plenty of storage. Other essentials such as the bed, shower, and toilet take some shifting. One seat of the dinette set slides to reveal the shower area. A shower curtain drops from the ceiling to keep the water contained. The shower area features the chemical toilet, too, which slides out from under the already-moved dinette set. The bed lowers from the ceiling, which features a nice, thick mattress. It’s designed to allow for use of the shower, toilet, and stovetop without disrupting the sleeping quarters. 

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But it’s not all bare-bones living. There’s a TV in the ceiling that flips down along with power outlets available to charger laptops and other devices. It’s enough for two – or in the case of the builders – two-and-half to traverse the world with the essentials without giving up all the luxuries. Well, enough luxury to have fun with little worry. 

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