While sitting outside of a London pub Jeremy Clarkson explains why the Lexus LFA is still his favorite car ever to drive. In the standard Clarkson way, he uses a rather vulgar comparison to explain why.

When being a bit more family-friendly, Clarkson says that the allure of the LFA is "because of the noise it makes principally." He goes on to explain "that V10 sound was spine-tingling" and "you don't get that from electric cars." Clarkson believes the range-topping Lexus has a fuel tank that's too small and fiddly seatbelts, but these downsides don't take away from the amazing engine.

Gallery: Lexus LFA

The LFA uses a 4.8-liter V10 that makes 553 horsepower (412 kilowatts) and 354 pound-feet (480 Newton-meters). Despite the rather large displacement, the mill redlines at a heady 9,000 revs. Toyota and Yamaha worked together on developing the engine.

Lexus ended production of the LFA in 2012, but the company struggled to find buyers for the 500-car production run. As of July 2019, the company has sold three new examples in the United States during this calendar year, leaving four more sitting in showrooms.

Clarkson also offers some tantalizing info about shooting one of The Grand Tour's upcoming specials by promising "because of the conditions we have one hell of an ending." Without giving away the location, he said the result happened entirely by accident because the production team scrapped the original plan after four people died less than a mile away due to the dangerous conditions.

It's possible that Clarkson could be referring here to the plan to film a drive from Saudi Arabia to Cairo, Egypt. The producers previously had to scrap the trip because of "sporadic and vicious terrorist attacks," according to Clarkson in his Sunday Times column.

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