As far as commemorative editions of the Ford Mustang go, the Bullitt ranks up there as one of the most popular. While the third-generation version was released in 2019, the Ford Mustang Bullitt has been revived at least three times. The one in the video above is the latest iteration, and, just like we said in our review of it last year, the third time is always the charm.

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The on-board video was shot by AutoTopNL, a channel dedicated to filming cars with performance and speed in mind. From compacts to supercars, they have it all, and in this video, the Mustang Bullitt was their next tester. Filmed on a portion of the German Autobahn that has no speed limit, you'll get to see how quickly the Bullitt accelerates from a rolling start to its top speed of 162 mph (260 kmh) in several runs. Interesting to note is that the 162 mph limited top speed is reached in fourth gear, leaving two more, obviously for more efficient driving. There are even some instances in the video where a 62 mph (100 kmh) to 125 mph (200 kmh) pull registered just shy of 11 seconds.

The Ford Mustang Bullitt is powered by a slightly tweaked 5.0-liter V8, similar to that offered in the usual Ford Mustang lineup, bumped up to 480 horsepower (20 more than standard) and an extra eight miles per hour on the top end. A louder and more lively exhaust note also comes with the Bullitt, and you get more noise, pops, and burbles. You can also opt for the magnetic dampers, and the Brembo brakes are unchanged, too. Every Mustang Bullitt comes with just a manual transmission and a pretty snazzy Highland Green paintjob with 19-inch black alloys.

The Ford Mustang Bullitt is the fastest non-Shelby Mustang you can get on the market today, and if you're into reminiscing the days of Frank Bullitt's chase scene through San Francisco, this is as close as you're going to get.

Source: AutoTopNL via YouTube

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