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It’s too hot in Florida to wear a turtleneck, but even with a T-shirt on, I feel like Steve McQueen as we peddle Dream Giveaway’s 1968 Ford Mustang around the streets of Clearwater, Florida. A spitting image of the pony car McQueen pilots in the 1968 film Bullitt, this Mustang wears a stunning coat of expertly applied dark green paint and a handsome set of 15-inch American Racing Torque Thrust D wheels wrapped in sticky Mickey Thompson S/R tires. Stripped of its badges, the classic Mustang looks as cool as McQueen himself.

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I can only imagine what this Mustang might sell for at an auction such as Barrett-Jackson, but luckily neither you nor I have to apply for a bidder paddle because a simple $25 donation gets you double the chances to score this Mustang and do some good in the world in the process. The countdown clock is on, though, and you only have a few days left to enter. Get your entries now before this sweepstakes ends on March 26.

Although the muggy Florida air outside of the car leaves my brow sweaty, the atmosphere quickly changes once I’m behind the wheel of the totally restored classic Mustang, where its air-conditioning system provides welcome relief.

As a designated restomod, this 51-year-old muscle car pairs its old-school charm with a slew of contemporary technology and performance items. Underhood sits a mighty 6.4-liter (390-cubic-inch) V-8. Mated to a five-speed manual transmission, the 400-horsepower engine pulls like an untamed horse. It’s impossible not to smile with each and every stab of the throttle.

Thanks to its reasonably light clutch, meaty Wildwood disc brakes, and power rack-and-pinion steering setup, the Mustang is remarkably easy to drive at slower speeds. Still, it’s far more fun to push this car around as if you’re Frank Bullitt chasing a black Dodge Challenger through the streets of San Francisco. And a $25 donation can double your chances to call this Mustang your own and find this out for yourself.

Given the 1968 Mustang’s estimated $150,000 build cost, this car is more of a weekend warrior than a daily driver. That’s where the 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt steps in. The Dark Highland Green coupe marks the Blue Oval’s latest ode to the infamous McQueen movie. Like the 1968 car, the 2019 Mustang is devoid (of almost all) of its badging and wears a set of chic, retro-looking 19-inch wheels.

Building on the Mustang GT, the Bullitt boasts a 5.0-liter (302-cubic-inch) V-8 and six-speed manual transmission. With a model-specific induction system and an intake manifold from the Shelby GT350, the Bullitt’s engine makes 480 horses – 20 more than the GT. It’s enough oomph to give us goosebumps as I mat the throttle while pulling onto Ulmerton Road in Clearwater.

Bullitt Mustang Giveaway

Accompanying the forward momentum is the raucous noise of the burly engine’s active exhaust system, which affords a neighbor-friendly Quiet mode, a default Normal mode, a mean sounding Sport mode, and an ear-splitting Track mode. Like the powerband, the quad pipes’ song only gets better as the revs build toward the engine’s more than 7,000 rpm redline regardless of the exhaust setting chosen. Helping me keep track of the powertrain’s vitals is a bright 12-inch digital gauge cluster, while well-bolstered Recaro seats hold me in place as I barrel through the few turns I find around the flat and gridded streets of Tampa Bay, Florida. It’s an absolute riot, and a $25 donation can double your chances to own this Mustang and feel the dynamic capabilities of this coupe for yourself.

Alongside the optional Recaros, this Mustang Bullitt also includes a car cover, short-throw shifter, upgraded half-shafts, MagneRide adaptive dampers, and the Bullitt Electronics package, which includes an in-dash navigation system, premium B&O Play audio system, and a blind-spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert. All in, this car wears a sticker price of more than $53,000. Rumor is that some dealers are charging more than $10,000 above the sticker price for brand-new Bullitts, which makes your chance to own it for a quick donation to charity even more appealing. Just a small donation of $25 doubles your chances at calling this Mustang your own. There’s no limit to the amount you can donate, and every donation level gives you an excellent chance of bringing home both Mustangs.

Despite its performance-oriented nature, the latest Mustang Bullitt is as happy cruising at low revs as it is tearing through gears. Credit the torque-rich engine and MagneRide dampers, which bless the coupe with an impressively compliant ride around town and fantastic body control during more dynamic driving.

Bullitt Mustang Giveaway

Although I don’t bear any resemblance to Steve McQueen, sitting behind the wheel of both of these Mustangs certainly makes me feel like the “King of Cool” himself. You can feel that way, too, by entering to win the pair for and get double tickets with a minimum $25 donation.

That’s right, for less than the bill to fill up your daily driver, you could hold the lucky ticket that turns you into the owner of these two muscle machines. Make a tax-deductible donation at, benefitting sweepstakes sponsor New Beginnings Children’s Homes, which provides unrestricted grants to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the National Guard Education Fund, and more.

While every ticket holder will have the satisfaction of donating to a charitable cause and a tax-deductible donation to boot, one lucky person will also enjoy the pride of calling these two Mustangs his own. Additionally, Dream Giveaway will fly the winner down to Clearwater, Florida, to pick up the cars and cover $25,000 worth of taxes on the vehicles. But you can’t win if you don’t enter, so get on over to  Remember this sweepstakes ends on March 26, so get your entries now before it ends.

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