The Chrysler PT Cruiser has never been an example of a classy design work. Yes, many still find it attractive for one reason or another but it’s definitely a love-hate affair. We know for sure Chrysler has no intentions to bring back the moniker anytime soon but that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine a world where a new PT Cruiser exists. And actually looks good.

TheSketchMonkey is back with another interesting video (in fact, two videos), detailing his work on redesigning the PT Cruiser. He first released a clip where he reshapes the rear end of the vehicle and announced he will do another video with the front end if the first one reaches 5,000 likes. To the surprise of no one, the video got nearly 11,000 likes.

Gallery: 2019 Chrysler PT Cruiser redesign

Basically, TheSketchMonkey tries to keep the overall proportions of the vehicle unchanged but adapt its design language for 2019. That means sharper, more edgy and pronounced lines with fewer rounded contours. We have to admit, the work done in these two videos is just amazing and makes us wish Chrysler sees it and rethinks the idea of a modern-day PT Cruiser.

The changes are more significant at the front. The fascia gets a large grille, probably inspired by the current Pacifica, and more angular and sweptback headlights. Speaking of the headlights, they are taken from a 300C but are largely redesigned with simpler graphics. A few more touches to the bumper and the fascia is done. Looks great, doesn’t it?

The final result is… well, something we’d love to see on the road. This virtual vehicle somehow retains the retro vibes of the original PT Cruiser but looks far more appealing. We can only imagine what a full redesign of the interior could bring. A nice modern plug-in hybrid powertrain under the hood would be a good idea, too. Dreams are free, right?


Source: TheSketchMonkey on YouTube

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