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Late last year, the Camp Fire ravished Northern California. You probably remember it, if not for the terrible speed in which it spread or the lives lost, then for the lives that were saved by Alynn Pierce and his white Toyota Tundra pickup truck, affectionately known as the Pandra. Working as a nurse at the hospital in Paradise, he literally drove through the flames getting people to safety, an action which saved lives but pretty much destroyed his truck. Toyota gifted the hero with a brand new model just a week later – an upgraded Tundra TRD Pro to boot – and to honor the Pandra’s memory, Pierce and Rockstar Garage gave it a scorching makeover. Sort of, anyway.


The Toyota went to Team + Bullet Liner in Murrieta, California for a very special paint job. Technically, the material applied to the pickup’s exterior wasn’t actually paint, but white bed liner coating. Since the goal of this project was to recreate the burnt look from Pierce’s original truck, the thick texture of the bed liner material was perfect for simulating bubbled, melted paint.

With the base coat applied, actual paintwork followed courtesy of a specialist that flew in from literally from the other side of the country. Several shades of brown gave the Tundra a properly burnt look, with final detail work done with an airbrush. And as you can see, the end-result is shockingly accurate – albeit without melted lights or mirrors. Aside from the homage to its burned sibling, the “Pandra Pro” also sports a suspension lift with beefy tires and some special accessories.

Gallery: The Pandra Toyota Tundra

As for the truck’s future from here, that isn’t clear but we suspect it will be recognized and appreciated by pretty much everyone in Northern California, if not the entire region. That’s because the Camp Fire was the most destructive fire in the state’s history, spanning over 153,000 acres and wiping out nearly 19,000 structures, not to mention Pierce’s town of Paradise and the hospital he worked at. It was also the deadliest fire in the state’s history, with 85 people killed.

Source: Hooniverse, Rockstar Garage via YouTube, Facebook

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