Someone in Canada now owns the coolest, most adorable fire truck around. Before it crosses the Pacific to a new home, check out this little live-saving machine on video. 

The Mitsubishi Minicab is a tiny workhorse of a vehicle in Japan. They're available in a variety of bodies, including vans and pickups, to fulfill a variety of commercial roles on the country's tight roads. This one features a traditional cab and room for two more people to ride on a bench outside the vehicle. Farther back, there would usually be a pump for sending water to the fire engine, but the equipment is gone from this one. Instead, the new owner just has storage space back there. 

The Minicab complies with Japan's kei vehicle class, which limits the engine size to just 660cc. This little truck makes the most of its lack of muscle with a five-speed manual gearbox and a two-speed transfer case. If more traction is necessary, four-wheel drive activates at the push of a button. This setup in combination with the relatively light weight should make getting stuck a challenge.

The cabin also has controls for the lights and for external speakers, including microphone connections for yelling at people along the road. Unfortunately, neither piece comes with this vehicle, but the new owner could get them going again.

We'd love to know what the new owner intends to do with this little rig. It could be a neat purchase for a fire department looking to have some fun at parades. Alternatively, the Minicab still seems quite capable and could be a great tool on a farm where someone needs a little hauler but wants something different than a side by side.

Source:  PacificCoastAuto via YouTube

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