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Will the bigwigs in the Bugatti hierarchy decide to build a production version of the Galibier 16C concept that was first shown back in 2009? It is too difficult to say. But the company continue to publicise the model with a new promotional video that has been released through their official youtube channel.

It attempts to highlight what they describe as a wonderful combination of art, form and technique. However, it also stokes the fire for the debate that the model may finally hit production.

Very little has been heard on the model for the past six months but if it gets the green light for production, it will also feature an updated design. Access to the rear will be made easier and it will also have a little extra leg room by extending the overall length of the model.

Power will be generated from a unspecified unit that will produce at least 1000PS (735kW/986hp). We can only presume it will be the latest incarnation of the Veyron's quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter engine.

The production Bugatti sedan would have a price tag that exceeds £1.5 million (€1.83 million) if the model gets the go ahead from the powers above.


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