Late last month, PSA announced officially it will return to the U.S. market with Peugeot set to make a comeback in 2026. Obviously, the return of the brand won’t happen overnight and it has to complete a number of studies and researches before it decides what products it will bring in the United States.

First details are expected next year but Automotive News is already reporting that the French automaker has plans to sell compact and midsize vehicles in America. No further information is available at the moment, but logic tells us the brand with the lion badge will likely begin its U.S. affair with the 3008 and 5008 SUVs. Or, more precisely, with the next generation of the vehicles considering PSA’s timeframe for the North American comeback.

“When we launched the 3008, the feedback we got, including from California, was, ‘Wow, this car is super,” Peugeot boss, Jean-Philippe Imparato, told the online publication in Geneva, hinting at a possible launch of the 3008 in North America.

PSA’s first steps at this side of the big pond include the launch of the Free2Move rental and car-sharing company which should help the manufacturer learn more about the preferences of local customers. Initially, or should we say – at least in the next decade, Peugeot won’t build a manufacturing plant in the United States before there are enough sales to justify such an investment.

“We want to come back in a scalable way and not waste billions on operations,” Imparato added. “There won’t be any huge investment on production up front and praying that the business case is good. We won’t go conventional on our business model. We have a quite creative and disruptive way of distributing the cars.”

The first reactions to Peugeot from U.S. customers, according to PSA, are positive with test groups appreciating the company’s rich history, design, and driving experience.

Source: Automotive News

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