Children of the 1980s who recall the adventures of detective Sonny Crocket in the iconic TV show Miami Vice now have a chance to own his boat and his car. The original Wellcraft Scarab and one of the original Daytona Spyder film cars are up for sale, but you might need every penny Crocket nabbed from all the drug dealing bad guys to buy them. They’re featured on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $20 million.

Technically speaking, just the boat is for sale. The seller will throw in the Ferrari Daytona for free, which doesn’t sound too bad considering vintage Daytonas can easily fetch over $1 million on their own. Thing is, the car isn’t actually a Ferrari – the television show used replicas built on the C3 Chevrolet Corvette. Granted they were outstanding replicas that are worth some hefty cash by themselves, and this one in particular does have a direct Hollywood connection as being the last one built for the show. Still, the crux of this sale is obviously the boat.

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This isn’t a replica, and as Miami Vice fan will recall, it was nearly as iconic as the car. It’s a Wellcraft Scarab 38 KV, a 38-foot offshore beast with twin Mercury engines, and according to the press release on the sale, Don Johnson had considerable input into the look of the boat. It appears to be in great shape, and we’re happy to see that it’s been in the water at least some of the time over the last 30 years.

$20 million is certainly a large figure for any boat that’s not an epic floating yacht-fortress, but the current owner – a man named David Martino – makes a strong point in the press release. The world of collectible cars has considerable history on which to gauge values, but boats such as this one aren’t as well supported.

"It is hard to put a value on such an iconic collector's piece," Martino said. "I view this as priceless and irreplaceable. It's unique, and highly collectible, a true masterpiece. It's definitely a Picasso of boats, so we've priced it at $20 million on eBay."

Source: eBay, Ocean Of News via YouTube

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Miami Vice Original Filming Boat Goes Up for Sale

$20 million price includes the last Miami Vice Daytona too

MIAMIFeb. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- An eye for design runs in the family. The late fashion designer Larry Martino created and designed clothes for Hollywood stars but his son, cut from the same cloth, David Martino, 41, of Iconic Premier, has applied that artful eye to collectible vehicles. Among them is the most recognizable, iconic pop culture boat in the world, a Wellcraft Scarab 38 KV driven by Don Johnson throughout the 1980s international hit TV series Miami Vice.

Calling it artwork in motion, Wellcraft told Martino that Don Johnson himself helped design the boat's finishes and choose the color; there are more than 130 hues in the paint scheme. With its beautiful lines and a graceful arch mounted on the boat, the Scarab has a very distinguished look and style making it a perfect museum piece. This famous boat holds an illustrious place in television history.

"Owning the original Miami Vice boat has been a lifelong dream and it's an honor to own such a powerful international status symbol," Martino said. "But it is time for the original Miami Vice boat to go to a new home, maybe to a studio such as HGTV, Universal Studios, Vin Diesel, an art museum, casino, sports figure, even a fortune 500 company that will greatly benefit from the 30 years plus of branding or someone who just is a die-hard fan of Miami Vice."

But the worth of such a legendary, beautiful vessel is a mystery. Unlike collectible cars of which there are hundreds, the only boat that comes to mind is the original Miami Vice filming boat, by far the most recognizable boat in the world.

"It is hard to put a value on such an iconic collector's piece," Martino said. "I view this as priceless and irreplaceable. It's unique, and highly collectible, a true masterpiece. It's definitely a Picasso of boats, so we've priced it at $20 million on eBay." All offers will be welcomed.

Martino will give away the very last Miami Vice Daytona built by renown car builder Carl Roberts.

"That would be a fun two-for-one, wouldn't it?" Martino said. "I'd be willing to do that; if someone bought the boat, I'd throw the Daytona in free. They really need to stay together."

"We all remember Don Johnson playing Detective Sonny Crockett on the show," Martino said. "Some lucky person will carry the Miami Vice legacy with pride of ownership. There's 30 years of branding behind the original Miami Vicefilming boat, which became a household name and a character in the movie."

The Miami Vice boat can be viewed at along with Martino's other Hollywood collectibles including the Original Bandit Trans Am, the car that stared The Smokey and the Bandit phenomena. They can be seen in person at Trans Am Specialties, 13901 SW 142nd Ave. in Miami, Florida.

The boat is now for sale on eBay for a limited time or the owner may be contacted directly.

International Superstar David Martino Cruising with his pal the "Legend"

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