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The next BMW M3 could be available in three levels of engine output, including as much as 500 horsepower for the range-topping Competition version, according to fresh rumors from a member on the Bimmer Post forum who has alleged insider info. If there's bad news among these claims, it's that this person reports that production of the new M3 doesn't start until 2020 and possibly not even until later in the year.

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The Pure model would be at the bottom of the range from a power perspective, but it might be the ideal pick for a buyer looking for an engaging driving experience. It would reportedly have 444 hp and would only be available with rear-wheel drive. Reports about this variant getting a manual gearbox "seem plausible," according to the forum member. All of the variants would have the M limited-slip differential, adaptive suspension, and sport seats.

In the middle of the lineup, there would a more powerful M3 with 475 hp. Unlike the Pure, it would have an automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive.

Finally, there would be the top Competition trim with 500 hp that would also have an automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. It would come standard with 19-inch wheels in front and 20-inch pieces in the rear. The other variants would have this setup available as an option but would come standard with an 18- and 19-inch combo. The source isn't entirely sure but believes carbon-ceramic brakes might come on the Competition, while possibly being an option of the lower grades.

The user with the screen name "ynguldyn" has been posting insider info about BMW on the Bimmer Post forum for years and has had a good track record for getting things right. The person refuses to say where the info comes from, though.

Source: Bimmer Post

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