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As the saying goes, "How low can you go?"

Apparently for some, quite low, as a new auto styling trend has emerged from Japan in the past couple of years. Known as "oni-camber" (demon-camber), the suspension trend is described as a offshoot from the "larger-than-life" bosozoku style of tuning.

Striving for a high shock-value look, Oni-camber is accomplished with a completely custom suspension with additional bracing and reinforcement to allow extreme negative camber angles of the wheel hubs and steering knuckles. The car's body literally hovers above the ground by a few centimeters.

However, not only is oni-camber completely unreliable as it can destroy rims and tires with the slightest bumps, not to mention uneven tire wear, but severe structural damage to the chassis has been reported on a few occassions making the vehicles undrivable.

But longevity and reliability is of little importance for these over-the-top tuners.

What do you think? Beautiful or disgraceful?

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