After Manifattura Automobili Torino brought the Stratos back to life earlier this year, another Italian rally legend is being resurrected. Automobili Amos is happy to introduce the Lancia Delta Futurista, which started out in life as a 1989 Delta Integrale before going through some massive changes, including a heavy dose of carbon fiber.

It’s the pet project of Eugenio Amos and his vision of selling a “pure, analogic, raw, and essential” car in today’s automotive world of heavily computerized automobiles. He sees the Delta Futurista as his “romantic vision,” having been infatuated with the original model ever since he was just seven years old. While the Delta you see here stays true to the Lancia heritage in terms of design, virtually everything has been updated.

Remember the Delta?

Starting at the front, the bumper, hood and the entire fascia are made out of carbon fiber to keep the weight low, while the trunk, rear spoiler, and bumper are made from the same lightweight material. Even the engine cover is carbon fiber, and all of these weight-saving measures implemented by Automobili Amos enable the car to weigh only 1,250 kilograms (2,755 pounds).

The 330-horsepower restomod uses a reinforced version of the original transmission and benefits from a rebuilt differential and main shaft. The interior is a thing of beauty, complete with Recaro front seats, aluminum pedals, and bespoke door panels. There’s carbon on the transmission tunnel, a modified steering wheel with built-in controls, and new upholstery for the original rear seats.

There’s just one teeny-tiny problem – it costs €300,000 or approximately $347,000 at current exchange rates. Even if you have the means to buy one, you’d better hurry up as only 20 conversions will be made and one of them has already been ordered by the founder of Singer Vehicle Design.

Source: Automobili Amos

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