Vanderhall has been known in making  three-wheeled, classic-looking vehicles. We like these machines, however, they don’t come with a light price tag. The Laguna model costs $49,950, which can be rather costly for a vehicle that lacks a wheel at the rear.

That’s until 2016, when the company unveiled the Venice two-passenger three-wheeled roadster.  It dropped the Laguna’s hand-laid carbon fiber body that wrapped the monocoque aluminum chassis, bringing down its price to just $29,950 for the base model. With its 1.4-liter turbo engine spewing out 200 horsepower, it isn’t a bad vehicle at all. We want to get our hands on one, actually.

Now, if 30 grand is still too much for you, Vanderhall just introduced its cheapest model yet – the Venice Speedster. With a base price of $26,950, it shares a lot of basic components with the Venice except for one very important thing: it doesn’t have a passenger seat.

With this, the Venice Speedster is only for solo riders, which means you won’t have anyone to share the open-air fun with. Boo.

But if you’re into that kind of thing, and you like riding alone, you’re in good hands with the Venice Speedster. Powering it is the 1.4L turbo LUV four-cylinder engine sourced from General Motors. It’s then coupled to a sequential six-speed manual transmission, also from GM. Other GM-sourced components of the car are its electronically-assisted rack-and-pinion steering system and front suspension knuckles.

The coilover suspension, on the other hand, is manufactured by Vanderhall itself, as is the patented tab-and-slot aluminum monocoque chassis. The front suspension uses a cantilevered pushrod design, and the rear is a single-sided swing arm. If you want your Brembo to take care of braking, that can be bought as an option.

The 2019 Vanderhall Venice Speedster will be available at the fourth quarter of this year, alongside the all-electric Edison2 and Venice.

Source: Vanderhall

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