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If demand for the Volvo Polestar Engineered S60 is any indication of Volvo’s electrified popularity, it only makes sense for the automaker to create an electric supercar that will become the brand’s halo offering. Or maybe we’re just dreaming. News of Volvo’s electric future isn’t new or scarce. Earlier today we reported on a new trademark filing that could hint at future Volvo EVs. The rendering we have here is an electric supercar that borrows some design cues from the Polestar Engineered S60. While it isn’t a full EV, it is a 415-horsepower hybrid, which is a darn good start toward an all EV future. 

Up front, we have Volvo’s corporate grille and logo – and what appears to be some sort of modification that lights up. The headlights – much thinner than what the company currently uses – retains a hint of the Thor’s Hammer styling element that’s become iconic of the brand. The hood is low, bulging upward toward the base of the windshield, mimicking the exaggerated wheel arch. 

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Moving back, the raked windshield flows into what appears to be a fastback design with the greenhouse silhouette cascading into the rear bumper design. We don’t know for sure because we can’t see the rear end. The way the car sits in the rendering makes it appear to have a wide back end, with the rear wheels pushed out far to the corners of the car, which could be a design choice to keep the batteries as low as possible in the chassis to improve handling. 

Right now, this is nothing more than just vaporware. It’s an idea that makes sense to enthusiasts, but likely won’t make financial sense for the Swedish luxury automaker. EVs are expensive to design and engineer, and those costs are then passed on to the consumer. If Volvo ever decides to make an EV supercar, it will be years down the road once costs are controllable and performance nothing short of impeccable. 

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