Almost exactly a year ago, Jon Olsson shared his highly-customized Wraith called “George” that has an insane 810 horses under its hood. Well, it looks like Swedish professional skier’s Rolls-Royce is now up for sale at a not-so-budget-friendly price tag.

The classified is posted at The Netherland’s Auto Leitner, and has a selling price of around $324K (275K euros). By the looks of it, nothing has changed in Olsson’s Wraith, including the exterior upgrades and heavily-tuned engine.

Jon Olsson’s other cars:

Aesthetics-wise, the skier’s Wraith has simple modifications like his signature camouflage wrap, lowered suspension, and the plethora of LED lights. It also rides on massive 24-inch Forgiato matte black wheels fitted with Pirelli Pzero Nero 285/30 ZR24 tires, and has a bespoke roof rack for a jet-powered, carbon fiber surfboard that weighs 18 kilograms (40 pounds). We're not sure if the surfboard is included in the classified, though.

If the exterior design is exciting, wait until you hear about its engine mods. Absolute Motors fiddled and tweaked the Wraith’s biturbo 6.6-liter V12 engine to make it produce 810 horsepower and 840 pound-feet (1,138 Newton-meters) of torque, all connected to a loud QuickSilver Sports exhaust to complement the rather monstrous output and look.

Jon Olsson's Wraith For Sale
Jon Olsson's Wraith For Sale

Looking at the posting in Auto Leitner, the Wraith is only at 8,078 miles (13,000 kilometers) as of this writing and still has the intriguing vending machine inside. However, it still isn’t clear as to why Olsson is selling George to the world, considering that the car is very fitting to his collection of monstrous vehicles.


Whatever the reason is, the posting is still out there, so if you’re interested, you can head on to the Auto Leitner website and request for an appointment to see George in person. And oh, this Wraith can do burnouts, too.


Source: Auto Leitner

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