If you live in Europe, where Jeep is still not officially selling its most powerful model, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, but you badly want one, a German tuning company is here to help you. No, it’s not going to import you one, but will instead sell you its own version of the Grand Cherokee SRT with power almost matching the Trackhawk.

German Motors & Engineering (GME) has developed a new compressor kit, in cooperation with the U.S.-based Edelbrcok company, which is certified by Germany’s technical control board (TUV). Combined with an optimized fuel injection system, new electronic engine control, and running at a moderate pressure of 0.5 bar, the compressor kit generates 620 horsepower (462 kilowatts) and 557 pound-feet (756 Newton-meters) of torque from the 6.4-liter V8, up by approximately 30 percent compared to a stock SRT.

Here's the SRT's more powerful brother:

The new compressor has a 2.65-liter chamber and is located between the cylinder banks. The charger air is cooled by a patented triple-core intercooler technology. A custom-made, three-inch, stainless-steel exhaust system is discharging the exhaust gases. The tailpipes can be ordered in a choice of carbon or polished finish, depending on the customer’s desire.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT tuned by GME
Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT tuned by GME

Revisions to the suspension have also been made. GME has installed new sports springs, lowering the front axle by 15 mm and the rear by 30 mm, which are combined with the stock electronically-adjustable Bilstein shock absorbers. The improvements of the chassis are rounded off by a set of 22-inch forged wheels, wrapped in 295/35 Continental Sport Contact 6 tires. As a more affordable alternative, the tuners are also offering smaller, 20-inch wheels with the standard factory SRT tires.

The GME-tuned Grand Cherokee SRT with all features installed costs €98,900, or approximately $116,845 at the current exchange rates. The company says it is already working on more powerful versions and is claiming numbers of between 850 hp (634 kW) and 1000 hp (745 kW).

Source: GME

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