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The peace of a Monday morning in’s Detroit office was shattered today by a trio of famous Brits and three high-performance muscle cars. Yes, Amazon’s The Grand Tour descended on Detroit’s historic Packard Plant, just next door to our very own office, to film scenes for an upcoming episode of its third season, and Clarkson, Hammond, and May were all in attendance.

Naturally, we did what any fan would do, and climbed up on the roof to take pictures and stood along the side of Grand Boulevard shooting video. Here’s what we know about the upcoming horsepower-heavy episode.

For a start, the cars will be excellent. Alongside a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, there was a Hennessey Exorcist Camaro and a Ford Mustang RTR (considering the company, this was almost certainly the 700-horsepower Spec 3).

Shocking exactly none of The Grand Tour’s usual viewers, unofficial American Richard Hammond was in the 840-horsepower Demon. James May is ditching the Captain Slow handle with the 1,000-hp Exorcist, and in a surprising move, it seems Jeremy Clarkson had the least horsepower, with his Mustang.

The Grand Tour outside our Detroit office
The Grand Tour outside our Detroit office
The Grand Tour outside our Detroit office

The scenes around the Packard Plant ran up and down Grand Boulevard – you’ll be able to spot’s office in the background – and then off into the bowels of the derelict factory. We’re expecting the usual beautiful cinematography after spotting drones flying high above the plant and filming the three muscle cars as they rampaged around. There was also a matte-black Porsche Cayenne camera car that captured some killer shots of the three star cars together.

As for our attempts at meeting Clarkson, Hammond, and May, they were unsuccessful. We managed to infiltrate the film set and hung around for about an hour before the stars arrived. While we got good looks at the trio getting their mics on, sipping coffee, and in May’s case, smoking a cigarette, after about 30 more minutes, we were asked to leave. Annoyingly, not 15 minutes after we walked away, we saw Clarkson wander over to the exact spot we were standing to take a snap of some of Packard's world-famous ruin porn.

Still, getting this close to three of the automotive entertainment industry’s biggest stars (and one of the biggest shows) doesn’t happen every day. We can’t wait to see what filming here in Detroit looks like when season 3 of The Grand Tour finally hits Amazon.

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