What’s better than a Toyota Supra? Two Supras? Or a tuned Supra? How about a monstrous V12 Supra with a maximum speed of 222.6 miles per hour (358 kilometers per hour)? We’ll take the last one, thanks.

Originally revealed during the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon, the biturbo 12-cylinder Supra is the creation of Kazuhiko Nagata from the Japanese tuning house Top Secret. Nagata was tired of waiting for a new generation Supra from Toyota and decided to build one himself.

At its heart is a Toyota Century-sourced 5.0-liter V12 with twin turbos and custom forged internals, generating approximately 930 horsepower (694 kilowatts) and 745 pound-feet (1,010 Newton-meters of torque at the wheels.

Supras of Old:

Initially, the goal of the project was to reach a velocity of 249 mph (400 kph), but this speed was never achieved by the car. Once the machine was done and ready for tests, it was shipped to Italy for a top speed lap of the Nardo Test Track.

As for the sports coupe’s design, Nagata meant the widebody kit's angular design to imagine a future look for the Supra. Its styling largely removes the standard form's curvaceous appearance and gives that shape a hunkered down nose that appears to slice through the air.

Top Secret Toyota Supra Auction

While it was previously estimated at about $500,000, the car was sold at an auction in January this year for approximately $80,700. What a bargain!

Want to know more about the car? Watch the video at the top, where the folks over at That Racing Channel on YouTube take a detailed look at the biturbo V12 Supra and even take it for a ride. We learn that, despite its age, the car still runs strong and feels like no other Supra.

Source: That Racing Channel on YouTube

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