Press the throttle on the road and get a burnout anytime.

The new Toyota Supra will be on the market soon, but only time will tell whether it will become a performance icon like the fourth-generation model. Toyota's famed 2JZ 3.0-liter inline-six has proved the test of time as an engine capable of producing huge horsepower. Extensive tuning has let the Supra in this clip produce 1,800 horsepower to make 7-second runs in the quarter mile while still being street legal.

The New Supra Will Have More Amenities But Nowhere Near As Much Power As This One:

The gargantuan amount of power means that it's possible to do a burnout whenever you want at seemingly any speed. A control panel on the center console appears to make it possible to adjust the engine computer to various settings so that this beast can be a little more docile on the street.

The result of this hardcore setup is a vehicle that the owner can drive the Supra to the strip, switch tires, make seven-second runs all night long, and then drive the Toyota home. While it's street legal, this monster wouldn't be a great daily driver, though, because the interior is gone other than a racing seat and roll cage.

Toyota Supra 1800hp

Opening the hood reveals the most shocking thing about this Supra because an absolutely gargantuan turbo takes a prominent place next to the engine. To make its appearance even more impressive, the exhaust dumps straight out of the hood. According to the list of mods at the end of the video, this Supra still has its iron block, but the internals are completely different, including the pistons, crankshaft, and connecting rods. A ported head with revised cams, springs, and valves are also among the huge list of tweaks.

Source: That Racing Channel via YouTube

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