Giving Chevrolet SIlverados a retro makeover is becoming quite a trend. A recent story caught a dealer in Minnesota dressing up the pickups with old-school Cheyenne badges and similarly vintage-inspired two-tone paint. Apparently, Valley Chevrolet in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, has been offering a few trucks with a similar package, including this eye-catching burnt orange and white combo.


The truck features a burnt orange body with broad white stripes running down the side. Black and gray pinstripes separate the body from the white strip for an extra visual flourish. The pickup rides on retro-inspired wheels and features BF Goodrich tires with raised white letters. Cheyenne Super logos finish off the aesthetic upgrades. The cabin is exactly the same as a regular Silverado.

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Valley Chevrolet has already sold this pickup. On its website, the dealer reports previously selling a black one, too. Clearly, the showroom has found a market for them.

According to GM Authority, John Elway Chevrolet in Colorado has also been offering these retro-tinged pickups. 

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Given the consumer response to these old-school-styled trucks, don't be surprised if Chevy introduces a model of its own. The company just needs to take a formerly popular color like baby blue then add some white stripes, vintage badges, and a chunky wheel design. On the inside, the company could add some old-school shades for the upholstery and trim – in maroon, for example.

The truck buyers today grew up in the 1980s and early 1990s when this look was still a common sight on the road. With nostalgia for childhood starting to kick in, it makes sense that this style is making a comeback.

Source: Valley Chevrolet, GM Authority

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