We’re getting a feeling of déjà vu as after learning about BMW’s plans to temporarily halt production of the M550i in Europe, one more engine will allegedly become a victim of the new Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure. The situation is actually even worse than in the case of the 5 Series taking into account that while the biturbo 4.4-liter V8 will be tweaked to make it WLTP-friendly, the biturbo V12 inside the Euro-spec M760i / M760Li will bite the dust.

More about the V12 7 Series:

According to “trusted sources in Munich” cited by BMW Blog, the 601-horsepower unit is going to be retired from the Euro-spec model in about a year from now with the market launch of the facelifted 7 Series. The report doesn’t mention anything about a potential return of the V12 on the old continent for the fullsize sedan in the long run, which could effectively mean you only have about 12 months from now to buy BMW’s silky smooth powerhouse.

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Since the new WLTP is not applicable in the United States, it should theoretically mean the V12 will solider on underneath the hood of the U.S.-spec M760i. The possible demise of the 6.6-liter engine could also imply there won’t be a V12-powered X7, at least not in Europe. BMW Blog mentions installing a gasoline particulate filter would not be enough to make the engine clean enough to meet the more stringent regulations and it would also hamper performance. That being said, the one rumored to power the luxobarge could have a different specification (like it has been the case with the M550i / M5), though it’s too early to know.

Looking at the bigger picture, we can’t help but wonder whether this will also have an impact on Rolls-Royce since the company is using more or less the same BMW engine.

While the V12 may be considered as being a dinosaur by some folks on the dawn of the electrification era, we’re sure many people will be sad to see it go. Maybe it won’t be next year, but it will eventually happen.

Source: BMW Blog

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Photo by: Jake Holmes
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