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It’s time for another evolution video, only for this round we aren’t looking at a specific car over the years, but an entire car company. That might seem like a daunting task to accomplish in roughly seven minutes, but when the manufacturer is Lamborghini, there aren’t too many models to cover.

Or are there? We bet many of you will be surprised at all the different Lamborghini vehicles the company has built since expanding from tractors in 1963. How many Lambos can you think of off the top of your head, a dozen? Perhaps 15 or 16? In fact, this video covers 21 Lamborghinis, and no, that’s not including various editions of existing nameplates, like the 25th Annversary Countach or the Gallardo Valentino Balboni.


Of course it all starts with the original 350 GT, with its race-inspired V12 up front and a svelte body in back. Everyone reading this should recognize names like Miura, Diablo, Murcielago, and of course more recent Lambos like the Aventador and Huracan. Many of you will also recognize some of the older models, like the Jalpa, Urraco, and Espada. Obscure bulls like the 1970 Jarama, which was the company’s last front-engine V12 car, or the exceedingly rare 1968 Islero that followed in the footsteps of the 400 GT, might be a surprise.

Lamborghini Evolution
Lamborghini Evolution

Aside from the cool morphing through decades of Lamborghinis, this video also features a facts section for the last few minutes that will come in very handy on trivia night. A lot of people know the later Diablo models actually use headlights from the Nissan 300ZX, but did you know the Miura uses the same oil for its engine and transmission? Entertaining and informative – we like that.

We have some screenshots below, but this is great video for anyone even remotely interested in Lamborghinis. It’s definitely worth seven minutes of your time.

Source:  Cars Evolution via YouTube

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