It's not necessarily news when a tidy-looking Aston Martin DB5 turns up in a Bond Street Bonhams auction, but this particular car happens to have an interesting backstory.

This pristine Aston Martin originally belonged to ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney when it was new – he ordered it just before he set off on the band’s 1964 world tour and it arrived with his accountants on September 22 of that year. It even has a record player installed – presumably so he could listen to Revolution 9 backwards. 

McCartney owned the car for six years at the height of the Beatles' fame – he was regularly documented in the press, dashing about London town in his spiffy Aston. As an eligible bachelor it can only have added to his appeal as a rock star and millionaire. 

Of course, McCartney's DB5 looked slightly different back then – the original interior and paintwork were starting to get a bit shabby, so the most recent owner commissioned a thorough overhaul of the car, which included a new paintjob, upgraded engine, and re-trimmed leather interior. Oh, and the record player has been restored to working order. 

In case you think the Aston might not have been worth its astronomical final bidding price, it has not one but two celebrity former owners – television presenter Chris Evans had his hands on the DB5 for a number of years in the mid-2000s as part of his extensive car collection. In fact, it was Evans who bought the car's appropriate personalized number plate. 

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