Could this be the race-inspired Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge? Quite possibly. Find out why inside.

Could these images feature the soon-to-be-released Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge?  Our colleagues over at Axis of Oversteer seem to think so, and not just because the pics were taken at a Il Cirucito di Vallelunga garage in Campagnano di Roma, Italy.

Several racing elements can be seen on the prototype vehicle, including pin latches on the hood, plastic windows, roll cage, sport seat, and sport steering wheel.  Naturally, the car has also been outfitted with giant brakes, large discs, and center-locking wheels wrapped in performance tires.

The remaining elements are likely still in development.  However, if this prototype is any indication, it appears the Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge will also get a new front end, with air-splitting side skirts, as well as a modified exhaust.  The car may be a bit lower to the ground, however this could be an optical illusion caused by the added-on black paneling.

Look for more information to come out about this car in the next few weeks.