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Holden SS V ute export

The Holden VE SS V Series ute was launched in its native Australia back in August, and since early 2008 it will be on sale in South Africa as the Chevrolet Lumina SS ute. The Chevy Lumina SS ute will be almost identical to its Australian brother in terms of specifications and features, meaning that the new 270 kW (362 hp) Gen IV 6.0 liter V8 will be powering the ute in South Africa too.

The Lumina SS ute fills a niche all on its own says Des Fenner, Marketing Manager for GM South Africa. “It is a vehicle that has a tremendous appeal amongst a group of buyers that work hard and play hard and enjoy an active lifestyle,” Fenner continued.

Down under, GM Holden Export Manager, Kristian Aquilina, said: “Exports are an essential part of our strategy and with the success of the VE range overseas we expect to export 50 per cent of the vehicles we make here in Australia in the near future.” Make of that what you will, but we are venturing a guess that the El Camino is in preparation for the US.

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