Extreme cars, like the Lotus Seven and more recently the Ariel Atom, have always made history in what relates to dynamics and driving pleasure. KTM, a traditional Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, has decided last year to write its own name in this book with the X-Bow, its first adventure in the world of four wheels. And what an adventure it has proven to be with the official presentation of the first X-Bow ready for production, the special series Dallara.

Named after the Italian racing car specialist, the Dallara series will have only 100 units made in order to start production in great style. Not that the car needs this sort of thing, but any help for a beginner is always welcome. And what a beginner this little Austrian machine is: only 750 kg, a 2-litre TFSI engine made by Audi, delivering 240 cv and 310 Nm, a competition-tuned chassis (with the option of a motor racing chassis, that offers highly adjustable suspension) and the amazing looks that come along with it.

This profile allows the car to reach 100 km/h from 0 in 3.9 s. Fuel consumption, nonetheless, is only 13.3 km/l. This proves high performance cars that want to be environmentally friendly do not necessarily have to use hybrid technology. They only must lose weight! In X-Bow’s case, that weight includes the roof, the windshield and all sorts of comfort devices, such as air-conditioning (why for, in a roofless vehicle?) and radio, CD player or any other entertainment device. For the owner of such a car, music is the engine’s noise.

The Dallara special series brings bodywork, aerodynamic parts and wheel mudguards in carbon, instead of plastic, quick release/locking device for the wheels, removable steering wheel, adjustable suspension, mechanical limited slip differential and a metal plaque with the serial number of the car in the interior. Almost needless to say, all 100 units have already been sold, what leaves anyone in love with the car only two choices: wait until someone sells its X-Bow Dallara or buy a “regular” X-Bow. Production starts in the middle of the year in Graz, Austria, and will reach 500 units in 2008. In the following years, it is expected to top 1,000 units annually, considering demand does not make it necessary to increase production. Good luck, rookie!

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