It would be the understatement of the year to say that Koenigsegg had a fruitful weekend in Pahrump, Nevada. Not only did it manage to average 277.87 mph (446.97 kph) to establish a new top speed record for production cars, but it also took down four additional records. As you may recall, the Agera RS is the quickest street-legal vehicle to complete the 0-249-0 mph (0-400-0 kph) run, but the time of 36.44 seconds registered in October at a former military airfield in Denmark is now obsolete. Why? Because the hypercar improved its own record last weekend in Nevada when it completed the task in 33.29 seconds. That’s record number 2.

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Record number 3 would have to be the highest average speed for a flying kilometer on a public road, with the Agera RS clocked in at 276.9 mph (445.54 kph). About time some would say taking into account the previous record was established by Mercedes way back in January 1938 when a modified W125 race car driven by Rudolf Caracciola was recorded with an average speed of 268 mph (432.7 kph) over the flying lap that took place on a section of the German autobahn.

Record number 4 is about the highest average speed for a flying mile on a public road. The Agera RS in the hands of factory driver, Niklas Lilja, was registered at 276.36 mph (444.66 kph). Once again, it dethroned the W125, which was clocked in at 268.74 mph (432.4 kph) nearly 80 years ago.

Last but certainly not least, record number 5 is about the highest speed reached on a public road: 284.55 mph (457.94 kph), thus besting the 432.7 kph achieved by the Mercedes-Benz Rekordwagen in 1938. Interestingly, Koenigsegg says the Agera RS might hit higher speeds on salt flats or private tracks. Maybe the Volkswagen Group will lend its Ehra-Lessien test track? Seem unlikely.

As a final note, Koenigsegg believes it’s the highest velocity the hypercar can reach on a public road. Bear in mind the Agera RS is not the company’s flagship car as that role has been attributed to the Regera, so let’s just hope that one day it will also travel to Nevada to improve these already impressive numbers furthermore.

Source: Koenigsegg

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